Thursday, 19 May 2011

WOYWW #102

Quick, quick, quick!

Really don't want to miss week 102 of the lovely Lady Julias' What's On Your Wordesk Wednesday, you can find all the deets here .....not with PiF week 104 fast approaching us.....I was quite confident about my 'gift' but now I'm positively quaking in me boots, at the thought of sending my creation/gift to one of the incredibly talented crafters that pop in every week! Oh me, oh my.....I've not even hidden it on my desk this week lol!

My camera has gone bazonkas, it will do close ups (really rather better than it ever has actually) but the piccie gets so fuzzy wuzzy the further away you have given it up as a bad idea before I throw it through the window! Arrrrrgh!

Please excuse said fuzziness (and also unrotated piccies as I'm in an uber rush now to get this posted, sorry ) goes.....

Despite being severely overworked and having the said 'mickey' taken out of me at the place of employment this week......severe self pity occurring here peeps lol.....I have managed a couple of little bizzles this week.
On my desk are all my usual supplies, that never get put away cos there's really no point! ahaha I have a clean water tub...go me! There are also a pile of lovely little mulberry rose buds that arrived this morning, (thank you Mr Postman for remembering to put them in the shed instead of making me wait to come out to the depot on the the weekend, very much appreciated! x) and a few things that I've been tinckering with......

My 'celestial lady' required a touch more work so she really is done now.....woot woot!

One of the girls at work announced that her daughter has had beautiful baby girl today.....oooh makes me go all have managed to get baby Tilda sorted tonight, looooooads of glitter, she's off for a couple of days so I have time to put something special together for her!

and finally......

Not completely happy with my white on white effort (that I promised I'd post).....will rectify this with the addage of much white glitter over the coming days!

Thanks for popping over! I'm off to visit as many of your desks as I can before drifting off to zonkland!
Night all!

*hugs* Sal x


  1. Oooh I love that little Tilda girl. She's gorgeous!!

    Don't let the 'mickey-takers' win hun. Keep going!!

  2. Thanks Anthea, I love Tilda baby too, probably my fave!
    *hugs* Sal x

  3. TFS and squeezing WOYWW into your busy schedule! Your white on white looks fine from here. #4

  4. So happy you completed your 'Celeste'
    Lovely careful work
    Keep smiling and creating

  5. DONT lose confidence..the PiF is about sending a small gift to a new's not a skills competition, and...we all KNOW how much effort goes into all of our efforts, right! The cards you show here are just lovely..damn your's such a bu**er when good things stop being good and need explaining!!

  6. I just love many lovely, wonderful people who support each other :)

    *hugs* Sal x

  7. Celestial lady looks fantastic.

  8. Hi there Sal loving your cards too thanks for sharing.. and drat that camera just invested in a new one might need one too, or maybe it can be sorted for you by some clever person? I had to save for ages for my new your white on white too. we are often our harshest critics you know!! Shaz in Oz.x

  9. gorgeous makes Sally! the celestial lady is fab, love how you colored her! sweet baby too!
    I like your white on white, very classy!
    hugs & blessings!