Sunday, 1 May 2011

My camera has gone to a concert!

Having slaved away for most of the night and this morning (lol), I go to take some piccies of my 2 blog challenge cards, only to find that my dear, darling daughter, Poppy, has borrowed (pinched) the camera and taken it to Cardiff to a concert with her! :((( Indeedibly, although I am a tad miffed at the smallest child and her predisposition to 'borrow', rofl, I  now understand how the lovely Mother used to feel!
Well, I hope that she manages to catch the last train tonight, has a fabby time AND can get my piccies up before midnight hehehe.
Time to get ready and off to visit the ageing parents, it's not really me they want to see, it's my ageing pooch who'll get the fuss and cuddles! Lol.
I'll hopefully get the piccies up later tonight, finally some cards done!
*hugs* Sal x

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