Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My 1st WOYWW..... in progress and brand new stash!!!!

Well, as you know, I've not been blogging for long but I have become a wee bit obsessed with the 'What's On Your Workdesk Wedenesday' phenomenon, WOYWW brainchild of the uber talented Julia. 

I've found myself strangely drawn to...........having the ability to nose around so many people's workspaces! rofl

Feeling a tad guilty for the intrusions, I think it's only fair that I should let anyone who wants to have a shufty around mine, the opportunity to do so :)

So here it is peeps, about 2/3s of the desk anyway!

Click on the piccie to zoooooooooooom in!

Works in progress are on the left hand side, my girl Tilda and a lush stamped celestial lady, another Tilda at the back (that I started on then lost my mojo!) it will probably be there for quite some time, staring at me and daring me to finish it hahaha!


My new stash arrived today!!!!! Paperbag albums, from across the pond (left, front, centre and I'm sooo excited :o), masses of luverly goodies from ebay too! There's  loads of amazing fibres, back centre ( if you want to get some let me know and I'll send you the link to the seller, they're beautiful and you get at least 18x1m diferrent legnths per pack for 99p-of course, I really, really 'needed' all 5 packs, with some ribbon bows and die cuts shapes and excellent combined p&p, lovely lady-no relation, just serious bargain info to share!), 2 huge bags of lace that I won for £2.34! On the right, 100+ metres of ribbons, lost count after 40 different ones, chipboard stars, letters and alphabet die cut squares. All of it, including the international postage on the albums for under £30!!!!!

Now all I need to do is find somewhere to put it all lol!

Unfortunately for me, unlike our esteemed leader, my comparatively naff clip on daylight lamp, only has  bulldog clips and oddments of ribbon hanging off it's dangling lead! :D

Hiding in the picture is a little 'something something' gift that I've started for week 104, 2 year anniversary 'pay it forward' on WOYWW.....see if you can spot it!

That's it for toninght my loverlies, I'm off to nose around your workdesks.....then to stroke my new goodies! Hahahahaha!

*hugs* Sal x


  1. love the little drawers, love playing with my new stash, Beautiful workspace, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW! can you believe this has been going on for 100 weeks! wow, #3

  2. Lots of goodies, lovely.

  3. So cool to see a desk with so many goodies on, welcome to WOYWW, its addictive! Shaz #112

  4. ah ha! Welcome at last! I just knew you were hanging out there, looking! LOVE what I can see, and OMGee did I put on my snoop goggles for a good look! Still can't see the PiF though, very frustrating. I'm guessing your a tilda fan?!!

  5. Hahaha, just couldn't live with the guilt any longer Julia, it had to be done! Tilda is a bit of a fave at the moment...but I am fickle, I think the paperbag albums could be next! See you next week :)

  6. Well Sal, what lovely space you have there have fun creating there so very lovely new stash . . and thanks for popping over happy belated WOYWW100, will post fished work on Wed. but will be late not #1!
    Shaz in oz.x