Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mandy's Birthday Candy

Well what can I say, I've been popping over to Mandy's blog 'A Sprinkling of Glitter', for a couple of months now. What an incredibly talented lady she is! It's also almost her birthday and she has the sweetest candy I've seen! Why don't you go and pay her a visit? you won't be disappointed, her creations are spectacular! Happy Birthday Mandy, I hope you have a fantastic day!
*hugs* Sal x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Back at Last!

Hi there! So good to be back in blogland, it's been a mare the last month....stuck in bed with flu, back back to bed...fried hard drive (the kids don't know it's been fixed, shhhhhhhhh don't tell them!). Then poor Mum ended up stuck in hospital for a week. Everythings all fine and dandy...and back to normal now thankfully. That should be it for bad luck this year, I reckon!

What a glorious day it is, I think I've washed everything in the house...all the lines are full as well as 2 airers! (no, I have no plans what-so-ever to iron it all!!!)

Well, I've had a good old nose around, to see what I've missed...and found yummy blog candy and a DT call, over at Divas by design...go check it out!


Well, I'm off to check out  Heather's page now and then to my craft desk!!! Hopefully I'll be getting some pics up over the next few days :)

*Love and hugs*
Sal x