Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Do I feel OLD?!!!!!

Oh yes indeedy I do! AND ever so slightly

It was my son, Maxs' 18th birthday yesterday, so the planning of a surprise bash had me rushing round like a loony bird! Then, he was supposed to be working all day yesterday.....but his boss (bless him) sent him home, for his 18th, at midday ahaha. I had to send him round Mum's with lots of bags of stuff.....that I now have to go and get back off her, cos they're mine.....just to get him out of the house! It all came good in the end and we had a fab night...after the drinking of several yards of ale, the son was piggy backed home and I spent the night curled on the bottom of his bed to keep an eye on him (with his smelly teenage boy feet in my face ewwww). I can't tell you how gorgeous my bed looks tonight peeps!

Well, I've cleared my desk and am all ready to get crafty tomorrow for a couple of wind down hours, after another 12 hour work day, I'm going to need the 'me time'!

Night, night's to a peaceful nights' bobo it all to go through again next month, it's Amee's 20th.....that's making me feel even older!

Thanks for dropping by.

*hugs* Sal x


  1. oh sounds like you had a great time hun lol smelly feet oh I remember it well take care hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  2. sounds like great fun Sally! Happy Birthday to Max!

    I have a son Max but he's only starting his teen years! lol
    Take care
    hugs & blessings!

  3. It was a great night! thank you for poppng over and commenting :)
    *hugs* Sal x