Monday, 23 May 2011

Coffee break 'shout out' to the Ribbon Girl!

Just a quickie, have a few pretties to post later.....and am on a short coffee break at work!

Since I started doing this blogging lark, I've come accross some really fab new suppliers and after seeing american seam binding used beautifully on lots of your beautifully crafted cards, I went searching for some......well Mr Postman came really early this morning, with my parcel from The Ribbon Girl.

Packaged in fushia pink tissue, tied off with a white ribbon bow (Christmas!) was my much sought after seam binding.....along with some other bits (you know what it's like!) and I was not disappointed, it's incredibly beautiful.

Even though I'm in work til 8.30 tonight (again :(  ) I will be playing later....

Ah well, back to the daily ground.....see you all later!

*hugs* Sal x

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