Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WOYWW #113.....and Candy reminder :)

Yes, yes, I know I'm late again...been finishing paperwork off ready for work in the morning!

Sorry folks this is going to be a quickie as I have a DTcard  to get uploaded tonight and I haven't even taken the piccie yet! lol

For anyone who has no idea what on earth I'm panicking about regarding getting this post up please pop over to the fair lady Julia's blog here and join in the snooping fun that is known as What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Okies, well what's on my workdesk today then? Well some quite exciting stuff really hehe...I think so :)

Had a delivery from the Bay of E to come home to this evening, see all those alcohol inks? Yep them, got the lot for £12 including the p&p...I'm thinking it's going to be a very inky weekend! AND those Dali, metallic acrylics...99p...well impressed (p&p on those was 2 quid so still a major bargain!) When I saw them listed I figured I'd have a crack at the auction, you see my thinking was thus...if the paints aren't any good, then I still have a fabby tin for altering...yes? As it turns out the paints are blooming, great, really high density pigment and full of mica! I have a small canvas here somewhere...hmmm.................

As you can see there is still no new Hougie Board on my desk (see previous post) and no I've not had an e-mail to say it was posted on promised...although I've had a notification through to say that it was dispatched today at watch this space folks!

Thanks for popping in to nosey about and listen to my mad ramblings. I'm off to take some piccies now and will try to get around you all in the next few days :)

*hugs* Sal x

ps. scroll down for my little thank you giveaway/candy and leave me a comment for entry, if you haven't already!


  1. Well, that's a lot of stash for not much spends - have fun playing! x

  2. Bargain! Crikey those inks were a good price..I forget to look on eBay for that sort of thing! Well I hope you have a very ink-under-the-fingernails type weekend...and a HOugie board to boot!

  3. thanks for the peek and your "ramblings" Big Grin. Have a great day playing with your new finds.

  4. Wow ...what a bargain ...I love bargains ...I think you are going to be busy looking at your desk

  5. awesome bargain Sal! I really love ebay for a lot of things. I got my first Tim Holtz distress ink pads there...12 for $14 and that inscluded tax and shipping. They were brand new shrink wrapped. Started me on the distress path! Can't wait to see a tutorial on the technique for faux tortoise shell. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Vickie

  6. ohoo luck you, an inky bargain! Lovely snoop! Happy WOYWW))

  7. Hi there Sal commiseration on the stash from the bay of E still waiting on item from UK ( south Wales no less) with them sent on 5.7.11.. I pray it comes this week AND your hougie board. It is terribly bad, slack folk there, thanks for popping over and down to look at the promised candy below...
    love Shaz in Oz.x