Monday, 1 August 2011

Gently smouldering!

Hello there peeps, I'm on the verge of ranting, somehow I feel that blogging will lessen this feeling...well lets hope eh?

On Monday last week I succumed to temptation...we all do it hahaha...I've been wanting one of those Hougie Boards for months...yes I have other scoring boards but I wanted a Hougie! (as well lol). As you know they aint cheap, so I scoured the net...not for one minute thinking that I would happen across any you understand.

Then I found it, a Hougie + THE book + bonus crafters rule (yes I have one but another won't eat or drink will it?) Sooooooo, I checked out the price...£32 all in...bargain! Checked out the delivery details...3-4 working the weekend, woohoo! BOUGHT IT!!!

Thursday came-no Hougie...ok, Friday came-no Hougie...don't stress yet, surely on Saturday it would be here? Please, I have a DT card that I want to use it for! Did it come? NO it didn't!

So I checked the site again, maybe they're on holiday? Nothing, so I sent a quick e-mail;

Hi, could you please tell me when the Hougie Board etc was posted, as it has not yet arrived and was due for delivery by yesterday.
Many thanks

Not stroppy, not having a go, just 'where's my Hougie please?'

So at half  9 on Saturday night I had a reply, not any reply mind you but a very strange one...well I think it is...please tell me that it's not just me;

I know Hougie Crafing items are wonderful and it would be lovely to have them posted quickly. The posting day is estimate delivery and not due by. It was suppose to be Royal Mail 2nd class, but that is totally my fault! Anyway, I really appreciate your message and will get your Board, book and Craft Rule (excellent rule, by the way) posted on Monday, Royal Mail 1st class.

Also thank you again for choosing Hougie. It really is just great.
Talk to you soon. Or actually, I will send you an email when parcel is posted.
Best Wishes

Is it me? Is that a wee bit strange? The site clearly 1st class post, delivery within 3-4 working days.

Well guess what? I haven't had an e-mail today, to say that it's been posted :( I'm almost too scared to e-mail again, goodness knows what reply I'm going to get! Am I expecting too much, that when I order something on a Monday I feel it should at least be posted out in the same week?

Oh my days, I'm ranting! So sorry get myself up to my craft room and chillax a little...I may post a little make later (although quite what it will look like while I'm in this mood who can say lol)

Thanks for reading my wafflings...ooh and if you haven't already entered for my candy/giveaway please scroll down :)

*hugs* Sal x


  1. Oh that's bad luck Sal hope it arrives soon for you :)

  2. Yeah Sal, I too would have that creeping feeling ...don't leave it too long to get the referee involved...and maybe claim extra because they wrecked your idea for a DT card!!!! As for the stamps on the card over at my blog, aside from the text, all from a set by Artemio. If you can't find, I know Shopkeeper Gal stocks them 01980 844010 and will do mail order!

  3. yeah I too would be feeling slightly angry should i say,but if you ordered it on c and c you would have to wait over 3 weeks,they are terrible,hope you get it sorted soon hun,let me know too how you get on with it,as i would love to get one hugs cherylxxx

  4. Hi Sal, thats just the standard delivery time that ebay puts in when the seller ticks which service they will be using, not the amount of time it takes the seller to get off their bums and go to the post office :)
    As a seller myself I alway put in my listing that I go to the post office Tuesdays and Fridays....that way there's no confusion.
    Hope you have received your Hoogie now, if not I'd email the seller again and find out what day they posted :)

    *hugs* Heather x