Saturday, 13 August 2011

Advice needed and a hoooooge winge-My Craft Studio

Having never been huge on computer crafting-nothing wrong with it, just not for me-I am however, pretty much addicted to that 'Crafting Channel', you know the one where they craft all day long? Never bought anything from them,t ried once and it sold out but was still on the website-put me off a wee bit methinks, lol, just like to have it on in the background when I'm at my desk, having a coffee, well any time really! hehehe

Well, while they were demo'ing the MCS, Encyclopedia of Papercraft, Templates and Folds DVD/CD collection, I got it into my head that I could use this one. Not the artwork but the templates could really be handy. Soooooo, you know me, looked on the bay of e and got them, hmmmmmm. Breaking strain of a Kitkat me!

My thinking was, print off and laminate the templates, or just print them onto acetate and pass the disks on to someone who would use them for the whole package-I'm nice like that me lol!

Well they've come, put them on the poooter and guess what? They won't blooming run!
Talk about frustrating. I've installed, uninstalled ans reinstalled the professional version 3 times, then had a brainwave-I only want the templates-sooooo, have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the standard version twice! Still won't run, although at least I'm getting a message up now-registration request not allowed-haven't requested one of them!

Please, please help dear blogging buddies, if you have any ideas can you let me know? I can't watch the DVD's any longer-'lift your craft knife so that the point goes in first', 'keep your hand steady when you're cutting a circle', 'make sure you line up your edges'-man oh man, I had to watch them all, all the way through-you know, the way you have to watch a really bad film?! They would be great for 'virgin' crafters starting from scratch though, soooo glad I didn't pay full price, I reallly wouldn't have been impressed lol x

Thanks for popping over and 'listening' to my ramblings.

*hugs* Sal x

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  1. hi hun I had the same problem with one of debby moore CD's when you load the disk into your drive,try going to,start then computer and you will see the disk there,double click on it,and you will see run,the progamme or something similar click on it,and then hopefully you will be able to see the images,so try that hugs cherylxxxxxx