Monday, 15 August 2011

Azura has arrived!

I really should be asleep but hey ho...not happening right now, I so know that I'm not going to be bright and breezy for work in the morning, lol, oh yes, I do have a meeting first thing-not to mention the decorators coming in to fix up a community room, for a group of adults with learning disabilities who are going to be recording their own radio shows. How cool is that?!

 I thought I'd share a little something with you :)

As part of their birthday celebrations The Ribbon Girl were giving away the sweetest little fairy, made by the super talented Gail, in a competition to name her! Well I took one look at the cute little thing and decided that she should be called Azura-it means sky jewel, in fairy speak! Didn't know that I could speak Fairy did you, huh?

Well, the loverly Mary and Andrea picked me! Yay and double yay!

Yesterday she fluttered into my craft room-carrying some uber gorgeous Ribbon Girl goodies no less-and has made herself perfectly at home on my desk! She's been hovering there ever since, inspiring me to create glittery, flittery gorgeousness!

Want to meet her? Yes? Well here she is!

Isn't she just B-E-A-utiful?!

Gail is such a clever lady and I'm soooooo very lucky to have won this little beauty :)

Still not sleepy, so I'm going to have abash at making something for their new challenge-USE RIBBON! lol, you know me, just lurve the ribbon! The prize for this one, is some seriously gorgeous bling-has to be worth a go ladies, doesn't it? :)

Night, night folks hope you all sleep soundly and have happy dreams!

Thank you for popping over, I really appreciate your comments.

*hugs* Sal x


  1. oh hun this is gorgeous how beautiful is this,loveing those wings,well hope you are okay hun and do not overdo it at work hope the radio show goes well hun how exciting ,hugs cherylxx

  2. Oh she is beautiful Sal something to treasure and inspire :)

  3. She looks at home hovering over your desk! I'll let Gail know how pleased you are with her! Mary G x