Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WOYWW week here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, before the piccies and gobbledegook relating to my now severely overcrowded workspace, can I just send a hoooooooooooge congratulations to the incredible Lady D who thought this whole thing up, well Dun(nit) sistah, 2 years! Woohoo!


If you're wondering what I'm gibbering on about pop over to Lady Julia's blog here and have a look! Although I must say, I've never seen it looking so blooming clear over there!

As some of you know, my camera has been very poorly sick...piccies getting worse by the on the bank Holiday I popped into a high street emporium (who were having a half price sale!) and got me a new one! Now I feel a little shamed, as the picture quality is so blinking good, it shows my workspace to be the messy place it truly is! Hahahaha

See what I mean?!!!

Ok, we'll start bottom left and work our way round...a ginormous pile of stash, that I've pulled out to work on various projects and not yet put away (including my cropadile), sheepish look here, large stack of dvd's..which I 'listen to' whilst crafting, all my glitters, pearls, gems and charms. Files and folders full of more precious stashly papers and things.
Middle top, drawers full of ribbons and other fabulous crafty things, stickles, liquid pearls, shimmer mists.
Right, magnetic board with stamped and coloured/painted images ready for as yet unmade cards! Old Papermania storage boxes full of H20's and Cosmic Shimmer paints, fusible fibres and films, metal embossing stencils, chipboards, 12x12 storage boxes (with more precious papers in!), box of new stamps (which I haven't yet catalogued and put in the file!), quilling board and my super Dahle rotary paper trimmer with about a zillion different blades (I love this bit of kit!).
Under the desk you can see a variety of totes, which I use to both store additional stash in and for my community workshops and groups that I run...and maybe a few 'jiffy' bags with more stash that I haven't yet found a home for! (another sheepish look!)
Oooh what's in the middle of the piccie?  My usual accents stash, well battered and inked cutting mat, a couple of toppers that are nearly finished (there may even be a sneak peek of the DT piece I'm working on, I do lurve shrink plastic!) and ...oh what's that gift box?

Just look at all that glamour dust on those card toppers, ink pads all left out...slap my wrist!

Oh, the box?

It's a chinese takeaway gift box that I've made for this very, very special occasion that is WOYWW #104 PiF!!!!!

Lovely double sided card, one of my most, most, most favourite gardenias, from Wild Orchid...what's that? There's no name on it yet? That's because I don't know who it's going to be winging it's way to, not until I post this and mega exciting is that?!!!

What's inside, did you say?


It's a surprise, for the crafter who get's the box!!!!!

All I can say is that, as a fellow crafter, I would be very happy to get it! Hehehehe :)

Thanks for popping over to have a peek around my clutter, on this most auspicious of occasions! I'm off to snoop around your workdesks now...catch you later!

*hugs* Sal x


  1. Wow! Your workspace really has some HEIGHT to it! Love all the crafty goodness there. And your PiF is packaged so prettily...making me think I better put some more thought into how I actually package mine to mail!! Happy WOYWW!

  2. I will try again. Seems problems with blogger comments posting.
    Email me your mailing address and I will mail out the PiF..What a pretty little box you have made. I too should rethink that process!!!!
    Sylvia / LittleTreasures #108

  3. Happy WOYWW 2nd Birthday. It's so lovely to be linked up with so many creative friends. Happy crafting.
    A x

  4. great new camera shows up you crafting nicely lucky lady who gets yor box :)

  5. Nice pictures- happy WOYWW, heres to many more

  6. I see that Sylvia got through to you, but I'll give you her email for you to send your address: (She contacted me with it when she was having trouble leaving comments through Blogger!)

  7. your workspace is great! I love the box your PIF winner will receive - never mind what's inside, lol! happy woyww.

  8. What a fun little box Sally.
    I think your desk is just smaller than mine, and you probably still have more useable space LOL
    Love a busy desk
    Keep smiling and creating

  9. DAHling - you need to learn the art of CROPPING, just show 'em the tidy bit,

    full frontal Glory Hole Mess is really only for us discerning messitights,

    so glad you revealed all in marvelous focus, if it were not so late and there were still peeps to visit I would stay here as my last linger of the night..

    happy 104,


  10. Very interesting desk and that box looks most interesting - its very exciting waiting to see what everyone gets ~ Happy WOYWW Anniversary

  11. I really like the take-away box.

    Happy WOYWW

    Carol C

  12. Well that camera works and the box is delightful... have a great week

  13. I’m making a really big effort to get around everyone seeing as it’s a special week. Mind you it’s taking forever and I have a bit of a numb bum now so It’ll be back to my random visits next week I think. I just don’t know how some people manage it every week.

    Are you feeling like you should may be go back to using the old camera them Sal, just so we can’t see the ‘real’ desk. Lol!
    Loving your PIF…just wonder what you’re hiding inside it thought, can’t wait to find out.
    Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
    Happy Crafting!

  14. Love that gift box ...and the cards behind. Everything on your desk looks organized and the working area is just that ...filled with creativity.

  15. Happy 104th week to you, its so lovely to 'meet' you by way of WOYWW Hope to see you for many more Wednesdays

    Happy Days

    Nicks xx

  16. Such a pretty little gift box! Happy 2nd anniversary and happy crafting!

  17. oooh, I wonder what is in the box? Happy WOYWW Anniversary!

  18. haha you tease!
    Happy #2 WOYWW anniversary xxx

  19. Sal your desk looks fab hun, loads of gorgeous goodies to look at and I love what you done with the box
    hugs Mandy xx

  20. Nice looking desk, very organized. Congrats on the camera! Sorry I am so late getting around but it was a busy week. Happy WOYWW #104 and the 2nd anniversary of blog snooping! Thanks for sharing Vickie #55

  21. OOh Sal what a great walk around your desk...a crafter that has it all to hand, I think sums it up! YOur PiF gift box is a stunner...can't wait to read about it next week.