Saturday, 25 June 2011

Failed DT Card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I will share the bad with you, a truly devastating boo!

I can't tell you what the challenge theme is, you'll have to wait wait until Monday for the NEW DT card, sorry :(

Man oh man! Failiure, big style, what a mess!

The bouquet was beautiful, took ages to put together but something was missing.....then I had a brainwave.....a teeny spray of licac glimmer mist.....bad idea!

Firstly, does THAT look lilac to you?! Secondly, the first spritz was lovely...nice fine spray but a bit light...the second spritz showered the whole darn thing in huge globules and the ink spred everywhere! Then the tears started flowing and I mean in Amazonian proportions :(

See it doesn't even look better all fuzzy!!!

And the moral of the story? Spritz BEFORE assembly, leave brainwaves for unimportant projects and share mistakes with others, so they don't make them! Lol, well that's it for now folks...I'm off to check out your gorgeous creations.

Thanks for popping in.

*hugs* Sal x


  1. Hi Sal read somewhere on a blog that if you keep your finger well away from the hole in the nozzle where it sprays out it helps prevent the globule issue.
    Usually it is where the spray hits the finger nail/tip, or that is what is said or you have it too close to item.
    I find sweeping sprays help too but yes spray first might be the way huh! love Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Thanks for the comment Sal I have some dimentional paint I've have done that with looks great :)