Thursday, 24 February 2011

Won an ebay auction and made a new 'crafty friend', thank you Royal Mail for messing up the delivery! x

Well, where do I start?

I saw this item listed on ebay...WOW...

...and just had to have it! So, after a bit of a bidding frenzy, I won the auction yay, go me!

But...Royal Mail messed right up with the delivery...I didn't get it :( but the lovely Heather refunded me. Four weeks later, the parcel arrived back at Heather's house, so she emailed me and asked if I still wanted it? Oh yes please, says me :)

It arrived yesterday, which meant that obviously, no housework was getting done! As I unpacked the box, it was like Christmas, loads of teeny tiny pots of glimmery, shimmery, glittery, irredescent gorgeousness...I was so chuffed! I emailed Heather straight away, they're here!

I was up 'til stupid o'clock this morning, playing with my lovely new crafty stash. I've got so many fab ideas, I haven't made a medallion card in ages so that's what I'm doing today-after the washing up, hoovering, mopping...maybe lol :)

Heather urged me to start a blog, so that she could have a look at what I make with her/my goodies, so here I am!

Thank you Royal Mail, for messing up, I wouldn't have met a new friend or started this blog if you hadn't! And thank you Heather, the powders and paints are fabulous and you're a real gem!

*love and hugs* Sal x


  1. Oh babe, thank you, you have really cheered me up....what a foul day I have been having! Visiting you and your newfound blog as really cheered me up no end, I am ready for anything now!
    *hugs* Heather x

  2. Aw hun :( sorry to hear you've had a horrible day but glad that I've cheered you up bit.

    My day's not been what I'd planned either, just got stuck into deep cleaning the bathroom (horrible job lol!) and got a phone call, cutting my week off. No crafting for me yet, just on my way now, the housework can wait!

    Take care
    *hugs* Sal x